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Bank Islam values its customers and is committed to delivering a high standard of customer service that is tailored to meet the customers’ needs.

Values Based Intermediation (VBI), Digitalization and innovative solutions are part of our commitment to enhance the customer experience as we place our customers as the centre of our business.

In ensuring our customers’ best interest is sustained at all times, this Customer Service Charter (also referred to as Customer Charter) outlines our key commitments and service standards in providing good customer experience.



Pillar 1: Know The Customer

Description :

We anticipate the customer’s needs and preference to:

Offer products and services to his/her requirements.
Better protect their interest.

Expected Outcome:


No Commitment Service Standards
1.1 We strive to help our customers to find the right product to suit his/her need/profile. a. Provide knowledgeable staff to serve the customer.
b. Obtain adequate customer’s information during opening of account process to get to know the customer, and shall include the completion of banking forms and obtaining supporting documents.
c. Make available information on features and fees for the various products and services available to customers through various channels (i.e. branch/brochures/contact centre/Bank’s website).
d. Conduct periodic customer satisfaction feedback/surveys to ensure that the customer’s needs are fulfilled.







Pillar 2: Timely & Efficient Service

Description :

We deliver seamless banking services where the customer is aware of:

The duration to complete a banking activity.
The steps and documents involved.

Expected Outcome :


Service Level Target :

80% of the customers are served within the expected service level.

No Commitment Service Standards
2.1 We will set a clear expectation on the time taken for various services. Make available information on the time taken to deliver services to customer i.e. expected service standard is made available through various channels (i.e. branch/brochures/contact centre/Bank’s website).
2.2 We will serve customers promptly at our branch counters. Customer Waiting Time
Within 10 minutes.
Customer Serving Time
Within 5 minutes for simple transactions e.g single transaction, cash withdrawals.
Within 20 minutes for complex transactions e.g Remittance/Term Deposit (TD) and Investment account transaction.
2.3 We will efficiently attend to account applications at our branch counter service. Duration for Account Opening/Closing
(From receipt of all information and documents)
Opening of Basic Savings Account-i
New Customer: within 15 minutes.
Existing Customer: within 10 minutes.
Opening of Basic Current Account-i
New Customer: within 20 minutes.
Existing Customer: within 10 minutes.
Closing of Account
Basic Savings Account-i: within 10 minutes.
Basic Current Account-i: within 20 minutes.
Duration for Issuance of ATM or Debit Card.
Within the same day of opening an account.
Note: Subject to the Bank’s onboarding process/introduction to the banks’ products and services.
2.4 We will efficiently attend to banking transactions. Duration for Foreign Currency Remittance
(130 currencies including commonly used currencies: AUD, EUR, GBP, HKD, IDR, JPY, SGD, THB, USD)
a. Inward
Before cut off time : credited on the same day.
After cut off time : credited on the next working day.
b. Outward
Before cut off time : processed on the same day.
After cut off time : processed on the next working day.
Note: Subject to completeness of information and the extent of checks/due diligence performed by the Bank.
2.5 We will efficiently attend to product applications. Duration for Product Application
(From receipt of all information and documents)
a. Credit Card-i Application
Within 3 working days (plus the time taken to post the card).
b. Vehicle Financing-i Application
Within 2 working days.
c. House Financing-i Application (Individual)
Within 5 working days.
d. Personal Financing-i Application
Within 5 working days.
e. Financing Application (Small and Medium Enterprise – SME)
Within 3 weeks.
2.6 We will follow through and provide the requisite updates to customer’s queries. a. Phone
1. Where No Follow Up Is Required
Immediate resolution.
2. Where follow up is required
Within 3 working days from the date of first call.
3. Where enquiry is complex
The Bank will provide a reasonable timeframe and keep the customer updated accordingly.
b. Written (E-Mail, Fax, Letter, Social Media)
1. For E-Mail
Provide acknowledgement response within 1 working day if the email is addressed to
Respond within 3 working days from the date the query was first received (if it is not complex).
 2. For Letter Or Fax
Provide acknowledgement response within 1 working day.
Respond within 3 working days from the date the query was first received (if it is not complex).
3. For Social Media
Provide acknowledgement response within 1 working day.
Respond within 3 working days from the date the query was first received (if it is not complex).
Note: Where query is complex, bank will provide a reasonable timeframe and keep the customer updated accordingly.
c. Counter
Where no follow up is required, bank will endeavor to provide immediate resolution.
Where follow up is required- Within 3 working days from the date of first visit.
Where enquiry is complex, bank will provide a reasonable timeframe and keep the customer updated accordingly.
2.7 We will address customer’s complaints/issues consistently and promptly. a. Acknowledge customer’s complaints/issues within 1 working day.
b. Communicate clearly on the complaint/issue.
c. Address the complaint/issue in an equitable, objective and timely manner by informing customer on bank’s decision no later than 14 calendar days from the date the complaint was first received.
d. Keep customer updated if unable to address issue within the stipulated timeframe.
e. Provide information on how to escalate the issue if the query is not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Note: Complaints management is governed by the guidelines spelt out by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and banks will operate accordingly.

Pillar 3: Transparent & Personable Service

Description :

We are committed to fair dealing, conduct our business in an ethical manner and endeavor to deliver a customer experience where the customer:

Is given adequate information to products and services.
Is handled by competent and knowledgeable staff who will strive to provide an excellent service.

Expected Outcome:


No Commitment Service Standards
3.1 We are open and transparent in our dealings. The following Information shall be made available through any of the various channels of communication such as branch/brochures/contact centre/ bank’s website:
a. Shariah contract applicable, fees, charges, late payment charges and relevant profit rates and obligations in the use of a banking product or service.
b. Product related details (i.e. product disclosure sheets, terms and conditions) are shared at the point of sale.
3.2 Our bank personnel have adequate knowledge to advise and assist customers on banking products and services. All our Sales Personnel/Personal Financial Executive/ Relationship Manager shall be trained comprehensively on the bank’s products and services.
3.3 We provide customers a personable service experience. a. First Impressions
  Acknowledge customer when customer walks in/approaches the Bank counter.
Offer to assist the customer.
b. Understand the customer’s needs
Ask questions to understand what the customer wants.
Listen attentively to customer.
c. Handle the queries/instructions
Provide solutions that meet the customer’s needs.
Use simple words to explain to the customer.
Perform end to end follow-up until the customer’s issue is resolved.


Pillar 4: Easy Customer Accessibility


Offer an engagement model where the customer is aware of:

The various channels available.

Expected Outcome:


No Commitment Service Standards
4.1 We are easily accessible via various channels i.e. physically & virtually. a. Customer is kept informed on the physical and virtual channels available to him/her, using the various modes of communication such as branch/ brochures /Contact Centre /Bank’s website.
b. Specifically, the customer has access to the following:
List of physical channels which includes branches & self-service terminals.
List of virtual channels which includes Contact Centre (03-26 900 900) and Internet Banking (
4.2 We provide customers with efficient services via our physical and virtual platforms outside of normal banking hours. Strive to ensure that our physical and virtual channels meet the following target service levels:
a. Self-service terminal (service uptime)
At least 95% of the time.
b. Contact centre
At least 70% calls are to be answered within 30 seconds.
c. Internet Banking (service uptime) – 98%.
4.3 We inform customers on the various options for more convenient banking. Share with the customer the various options for performing transactions through alternate channels where applicable.
This can be done via any of the following means:
Engagement by the Bank’s personnel.
Signage to guide the customer.
Campaigns and brochures.
Corporate website.
4.4 We actively seek thoughts and suggestions on how banks can serve customers better. Provide channels for customer to render feedback via:
Corporate website / Internet Banking (
Contact Centre 03-26 900 900.
Branch (customers will be notified of the branch locations via the Bank’s website).
Periodic customer satisfaction surveys.
Details of BNM and Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) are included as alternate avenues:
Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat (LINK)
Tingkat Bawah, Blok DBank Negara Malaysia
Peti Surat 10922
50929 Kuala Lumpur
BNM TELELINK: 1-300-88-5465 (LINK)
Fax : 603-2174 1515
E-mail :
Ombudsman for Financial Services (Formerly known as Financial Mediation Bureau)
Level 14, Main Block, Menara Takaful Malaysia
No.4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, 50000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2272 2811
Fax : 603-2272 1577
Website :


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