Monday, 20 February 2017, 23 Jamadilawal 1438H Solat Time:
KL Imsak 6:00 | Subuh 6:10 | Syuruk 7:25 | Zohor 1:30 | Asar 4:47 | Maghrib 7:29 | Isyak 8:39

Savings Account

Subject Charges Rate / Amount
Replacement of Passbook

  • Lost savings passbook
Stamp Duty will be charged for the Indemnity Letter regardless of the amount RM10 Stamp Duty + RM3.18 if lost due to poor handling
  • Due to poor handling
RM 10 Stamp Duty only – if lost due to stolen ( attach police report )
Early Closure of Savings Account Within 3 months RM21.20
Dormant Account With balances up to RM5.30 Account will be closed and these balances will be absorbed by the Bank as a charge
Other Fees & Charges Coin Deposit – Business Account 1st RM100.00 is free
Subsequent RM100.00 is charged RM2.12

Note : The fees/charges are inclusive of 6% GST where applicable, starting 1 April 2015.

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