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The details of fees and charges

The following table lists the fees and charges relevant to iGain.


Type of Fee/ChargesParticularsCharges
Request for StatementDailyRM3.00 per request
WeeklyRM5.00 per request
Within 1 yearRM1.00 per copy
More than 1 yearRM1.00 per copy
Request for Photocopy of Cheque/ Pay in slip/ AdvicesRM1.00 per copy, irrespective of time period
Request for Photocopy of cheque imageRM1.00 per copy, irrespective of time period
Uncollected Cheque BookAfter 30 days of issuanceRM20.00 per cheque book destroyed
Payment over the Counter via Cheque5th Cheque OnwardsRM5.00 per cheque
Third Party Cheque EncashmentRM2.00 per cheque
Stop PaymentNormalRM10.00 per stop payment cheque upon presented
Insufficient FundRM110.00 per stop payment cheque upon presented (stop payment + insufficient fund)
Represented Cheque with Insufficient BalanceRM50.00 per cheque
Outward Returned Cheque with Insufficient BalanceInsufficient (including technical)RM50.00 per cheque
TechnicalRM10.00 per cheque
Inward Cheque ReturnPost-datedRM10.00 charged to beneficiary/ depositor
Half-Yearly Service ChargeCompanies with an average balance of less than RM10,000.00RM10.00
Early Closure of iGainWithin 3 monthsRM20.00
Stamp Duty on ChequesRM0.15 each cheque leaf
MandateRM10.00 (stamp duty)
Coin counting for Business Account1st RM100.00 is free
Subsequent RM100.00 is charged RM2.00
Request for endorsement of the status of company’s accounts. Tender submission documents must be attached togetherA maximum charges of RM20.00
Request for confirmation of authorised cheque signatories for the renewal of Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor licenceA maximum charges of RM20.00
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