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1. What do I need to get started?

Once you register there will be an activation SMS notification send via to your mobile phone. Key in the activation pin when you enter into TAP Mobile Banking-i. The bank officer will assist you on login to your account. Please remember both your PIN and Password that you have created and you can start using TAP Mobile Banking-i once you have activated it via your mobile phone. Please refer to our ‘Terms and conditions’ menu made applicable to your account.

2. Do I need to download any application to my phone or any data package to use TAP? Does it need internet access?

No. TAP Mobile Banking-i is a stand-alone application. It does not require you to download any application to your mobile phone, data plan nor require any internet connection to use it.

3. How do I begin using TAP Mobile Banking-i?

Below are the major telecommunication network applicable to your mobile phone. Refer to the diagram below to locate and access TAP Mobile Banking-i :

No Telco Package Location
1. Maxis
Easy Access
Easy Access
2. Digi
Digi Service
My Phonebook
3. Celcom
SIM Tool Kit
SIM Tool Kit / SIM Application
4. U Mobile
SIM Tool Kit
SIM Tool Kit / SIM Application

* Note:
1. Easy Access mostly can be found in Application or Tools.
2. Sim Tool Kit mostly can be found in Service.

3. As for Sony Ericsson user , it can be found in Entertainment.

4. Is there a fee for applying TAP into your mobile? Will there be any charges for making any TAP transaction?

Yes, RM8.48 will be the fee and it will be charged on annual basis for all TAP customers. Just walk in to any Bank Islam branch and request for TAP Mobile Banking-i. Below will be the fee and charges based on TAP Mobile Banking-i :

*Effective 1st April 2015, the fees/charges are inclusive of 6% GST where applicable.

Transaction Type Amount (RM)
1. TAP Annual Service Charge 8.48
2. Replacement of TAP 8.48
3. TAP Prepaid Top Up 0.32
4. TAP Alerts Service Charge (IOD) 0.21
5. TAP Savings & Current account balance inquiry (4th transaction onward, per day) 0.32
6. Bill Payment 1.06
7. Interbank Giro (IBG) 0.11
9. Interbank Fund Transfer (MIBFT) to Local Bank 0.53
10. Interbank Fund Transfer (MIBFT) to Foreign Bank 0.53
11. TAP Fund transfer to own Savings & Current account Free
12. TAP Fund transfer to 3rd party Savings & Current account Free
13. Register Bank Account Free
14. TAP PIN & Password change Free

5. What features are available within TAP Mobile Banking-i?

Key feature of TAP Mobile Banking-i includes view account balances, fund transfer, prepaid top up, bill payment and fund transfer via Interbank Giro to other banks.

TAP Mobile Banking-i is accessible 23-hour it is fast and convenient, allowing you to perform your transactions anywhere and anytime provided there is a telco line.


 6. Will I receive an SMS or email notifications upon successful transaction performed via TAP Mobile Banking-i?

All successful and unsuccessful transactions will generate SMS notification from Bank Islam.

Please note that there will be an auto-generated reference number with the SMS. Base on the reference number from the SMS notification, you can check with Bank Islam branches or Contact Centre on the particular transaction.


7. What if I forget my PIN or password? What shall I do?

You will be given 3 attempts to enter TAP Mobile Banking-i. If you exceed the maximum attempt, your PIN or Password will automatically be locked out and you have to get a new TAP Mobile Banking- i chip replacement from any of Bank Islam branches.

Kindly contact our Contact Centre immediately or you can drop by to any Bank Islam branches for assistance.


8. What happens if I forget to log out or leave my mobile phone idle for a period of time?

As a security measure, TAP Mobile Banking-i will automatically log out if you leave your mobile phone idle for more than 60 seconds.


9. While performing transactions via TAP Mobile Banking-i, a phone call comes in. What should I do?

Any incoming calls will not disrupt the TAP Mobile Banking-i session. Nevertheless, if you remain inactive in TAP Mobile Banking-i for more than 60 seconds, you will automatically be logged out.


10. What will happen if I lost my phone?

Kindly inform our Contact Centre immediately and drop by to any Bank Islam branches to get a new replacement of TAP Mobile Banking-i chip.


11. Does the TAP Mobile Banking-i service work on prepaid phone service plans?

TAP Mobile Banking-i works on any mobile service plans. Below is the diagram of minimum balance of the telecommunication service plan that you need to have in order to proceed with TAP Mobile Banking-i transaction.

No Telco Package Amount (RM)
1. Maxis Prepaid 0.45
2. Digi Prepaid 5.00
3. Celcom Prepaid 0.45
4. U Mobile Prepaid 0.50



12. How secure is TAP Mobile Banking-i?

In managing customer confidentiality and security of transaction the bank engages the use of highest level of encryption including multi factor authentication technology.

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