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Do it from your home, your office or even when you’re on vacation! Yes, you can now manage your cash flow, financial commitments and your investments online. With bankislam facilitating all the features below… just log on to for the full details.

Sign Up and enjoy all these banking services and facilities:

Get updates, details and statements on all your accounts through
  • Account summary
  • E-Statement
  • Cheque Management
  • Internet Banking Transaction History

Term Deposit & Investment

  • Term Deposit & Investment Withdrawal

Make fund transfers

  • Within Bank Islam To Own or Third Party Account
  • To Other Bank via IBG and Instant Transfer IBFT
  • Maintenance of Future Funds Transfer or Favourite Accounts
Intrabank Funds Transfer (IFT) Interbank GIRO (IBG)  Instant Transfer (IBFT)
Fees and Charges (RM per transaction)

No Charges RM0.10** RM0.00** (Local)
RM0.00** (LIFB*)
Daily transaction limit (RM per day) RM50,000 combined limit with IBG and IBFT RM50,000 combined limit with intrabank transfer and IBFT RM50,000 combined limit with IBG and intrabank transfer
Payment reference
i) Availability of payers’ names and payment references in beneficiaries’ bank statement
ii) Availability of beneficiaries’ names and payment references in payers’ bank statement
Note: Availability of names in statement will be made available in Dec 2014. Availability of names and payment reference for channels not yet available in Hardcopy Statement will be made available in Dec 2014
Payment reference in Internet Transaction
Statement/History – Yes
Hardcopy statement – No
Yes, for payment references except payers’ names
Future-dated payments Yes Yes -
Operating hours 24 hours 18 hours (6am – 12midnight) 24 hours
Crediting time
i) Monday – Friday
Before 5.00am : Same day by 11.00 am
5.01am-8.00 am : Same day by 2.00 pm
8.01am-11.00am : Same day by 5.00 pm
11.01am-2.00pm : Same day by 8.00 pm2.01 pm-5.00 pm : Same day by 11.00 pm
After 5.00pm : Next working day by 11.00 am
ii) Non-business days
Next working day by 11.00 am
Refund time. Monday – Friday Immediate (Upon beneficiary consent) Before 5.00 am : Same day by 5.00 pm5.01 am-8.00 am : Same day by 8.00 pm8.01 am-11.00 am : Same day by 11.00 pm11.01 am-2.00 pm : Next working day by 11.00 am2.01 pm-5.00 pm : Next working day by 11.00 amAfter 5.00 pm : Next working day by 5.00 pm Immediate (upon funds received from RFI)
ii. Non-business day
Immediate (upon beneficiary consent) Next working day : By 5.00 pm Immediate (upon funds received from RFI)

* Local Incorporated Foreign Bank
** The fees/charges are inclusive of 0% GST where applicable, starting 1 June 2018

Note :  RENTAS is not offering for Internet Banking

 Make Payment

  • To Own Bank Islam Card-i
  • To Own Financing
  • Prepaid Reload
  • Open or Registered Bill
  • JomPAY Open or Registered Bill
  • Auto Debit
  • Bill Presentment
  • E-Sadaqah / Wakaf
  • Maintenance of Favourite Bill Payment or JomPAY

  • Update Profile
  • Change Address
  • Change Password
  • Change Secret Questions and Answers
  • Private Word and Image Maintenance
  • Transaction Limit Maintenance
  • ATM Card Cancellation
  • Statement Request

For Any Inquiries

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