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Wafiyah Investment Account


Wafiyah Investment Account

Wafiyah – the Investment Account of your choice. Based on Wakalah contract, it offers the best rate on your investment. Don’t resist the opportunity to earn more. Be a smart investor and invest in Wafiyah Investment Account today!

Tenure 1, 3 and 6 months
Minimum Investment RM1,000 – 1 month
RM500 – 3 and 6 months
Target Customers Individual and Non Individual customers
Age Requirement 18 years old and above (for Individual)

Click here to download the Terms and Condition.

Click here to download the Product Disclosure Sheet

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Why should I invest in Wafiyah?

The opportunity to earn a higher return and to enjoy the benefits from the diversification of your investment.

2. How safe is Wafiyah Investment?

The investment has low risk and is secured by the House and Personal Financing assets.

3. Is there a maximum limit of the investment in Wafiyah?

No. There is no limitation for Wafiyah Investment Account.

4. Is there an auto-renewal function for customers’ convenience?

Yes. An auto-renewal is an option for the renewal of the investment by the customers.

5. Can Wafiyah Investment Account be used as a collateral for the financing facility?

Yes. The Wafiyah Investment Account can be used as financing collateral on 1:1 basis.

Plese click this link for Wafiyah Fund Performance Report (FPR).


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