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Term Deposit-i (Tawarruq)



Watch your money consistently grow through our Term Deposit-i (Tawarruq) [TDT-i]. A capital guaranteed deposit account that allows you the flexibility of managing funds according to your short or long-term needs.

TDT-i offers an attractive upfront profit rate and on maturity you will be able to earn the returns based on the upfront profit rate contracted at point of sale. Indeed a peace of mind knowing that your funds are reaping the attractive returns and capital guaranteed.

Come over to any Bank Islam branches to open a TDT-i account starting 30 April 2014.

Product Features

Age 18 years old & above
Who Can Apply / Eligibility Individuals

  • Resident
  • Non Resident

Non Individuals

  • Trustees
  • School/University
  • Club/Association
  • Society
  • Mosque/Religious Bodies
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Company
  • Cooperative
  • Government (Federal/Local/State)
  • Public Authorities
  • Others
Initial Deposit Minimum Deposit Placement

  • RM1,000 for 1 month
  • RM500 for 2 months & above

* No maximum deposit amount

Currency Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
  • 1 – 60 months
  • Multiple of 1 month (starting from 1 – 12 months)
  • Multiple of 3 months (starting from 15 – 60 months)
Principal and Profit Guaranteed Yes
PIDM Insurable Yes (Up to RM250,000) ** Terms and conditions apply
Premature Withdrawal
  • Pre-mature withdrawal is allowed but no profit will be paid
  • The Bank will charge the Customer for any brokerage fees/charges actually charged by any third party Commodity Trader for sale and purchase of the Commodity. However, the Customer shall only be liable to pay 50% of the total brokerage fees/charges and the amount payable shall be deducted from the Sale Price (Murabahah)

Profit Payment Frequency
  • Upon maturity (tenure up to 1 year)
  • Half-yearly profit payment (tenure above 1 year)
Auto Renewal
  • Allowed for the same deposit amount and for the same tenure
  • Allowed for the deposit amount + profit and for the same tenure

Note: For auto-renewal of the deposit, the profit rate is to be based on the Bank’s prevailing profit rate at the point of renewal.

Brokerage Fee Absorbed by the Bank
Underlying Asset for Commodity Murabahah Transaction Metal (excluding gold and silver) or Crude Palm Oil (CPO) or other commodity as approved by Shariah.
Mode of Operation Certificate
Partial Withdrawal Not Allowed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Eligible for protection by PIDM


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