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Grab the opportunity to become the next Al-Awfar winner!
Only with RM100, you can stand a chance to win cash prizes and various exciting prizes. Invest today, you might become the winner that we have been searching for.



Features Al-Awfar Account
Minimum Investment RM100
Minimum Balance RM50
Profit-Sharing Ratio

98 : 2 (Bank : Customer)
(Subject to change from time to time)

Category of Customer Individuals, Associations, Schools/Universities, Clubs/Societies, Religious Groups
Prize Draw Eligibility - Average monthly balance of RM 100 for one eligibility unit of for Monthly Draws & 13 States Draw
- Three-month average balance of RM 100 for Junior Quarterly Draw
- Three-month average balance of RM 1000 for Millionaire Quarterly Draw
- Six-month average balance of RM 1,000 for Half-Yearly Draw
Prize Draw Frequency Monthly, Quarterly & Half-Yearly

Investment Account – Fund Performance Report



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