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Introducing TruRewards, a truly rewarding loyalty program for you to complete your lifestyle. With Bank Islam TruRewards you can now redeem your TruPoints to enjoy the latest in home and electrical appliances, and many more great merchandises you’ve been dreaming about.

For a whole new world of truly rewarding experience, visit us at


  • Cardmembers can redeem the chosen merchandise by using all TruPoints OR a combination of TruPoints and payment via Bank Islam Card-i.

  • Cardmember are entitled to collect/earn TruPoints through retail transactions (local and international).

  • Cardmembers are eligible to redeem variety of products and services including electrical goods, vouchers, gadgets and many more.

  • Cardmembers are guaranteed to get rewarded by the issuance of TruPoints when spending for retail transaction using Bank Islam Credit Card-i. Cardmember have a chance to participate and responded to promotions from time to time.

How it works?

Click here to fully view all redemption items:


TruRewards Loyalty Program FAQ

1. If I spend RM60 using Credit Card-i, how many TruPoints will I earn?
The Cardholder will get 1 TruPoints, for every RM1 spent with Credit Card-i. For RM60 spending, Cardholder will get 60 TruPoints.
2. If I close my Bank Islam Card-i will the TruPoints still be available?
No. The Cardholder needs to redeem theTruPoints before you close the account.
3. Will there be any expiry period on the TruPoints?
Yes. Your TruPoints will be expired after 36 months if there is no redemption made by the Cardholder.
4. How do I redeem?
Through our website at
5. Can my supplementary cardholder perform instant/TruPoints redemption on my behalf?
No. Redemption can only be made by the Principal Cardholder. However, that Supplementary Cardholder is qualified to receive TruPoints.
6. How do I check my TruPoints?
You can either visit our website at or contact the following channel to make TruPoints balance enquiries:
a) Bank Islam Contact Centre 03-26 900 900
b) Bank Islam Card Centre Customer Service 03-2726 7666
7. Can I redeem my TruPoints if I don’t have email?
Yes, Cardholder can redeem the TruPoints via any of following options.
a) Call Bank Islam Contact Centre 03-26 900 900
b) Call Bank Islam Card Centre Customer Service 03-2726 7666
c) Complete and send the TruRewards Redemption Form (TRF) to Bank Islam via facsimile, mail as stipulated in the TruRewards Redemption Form or submit to the nearest branch
8. Is my TruPoints transferable?
TruPoints is non-transferable to any other person or entity.
9. Can I convert my TruPoints to cash?
The TruPoints are not exchangeable for cash.
10. Is my Trupoints will be forfeited if my Credit Card-i is blocked?
Yes, TruPoints will be forfeited and Cardholder will not be able to redeem or collect TruPoints.
11. Is my Trupoints will be forfeited if my Credit Card-i is temporary blocked?
No, TruPoints is not forfeited and the Cardholder still can perform redemption after regularizing the account.
12. When will I receive the redemption items?
Redeemed item will be couriered to designated address latest by 21 working days.
13. Can I send my redemption item to another address?
Yes. The Cardholder needs to key in recipient address in the online redemption webpage. No delivery will be made to P.O Box address as well as address outside Malaysia.
14. Can I exchange the merchandise item after the redemption has been made?
All item redeemed are non exchangeable unless gifts received are damaged or faulty and are reported to courier service within 24 hours upon receipt. Otherwise, request will not be entertained.
15. Can I redeem my TruPoints to contribute for wakaf @ sadaqah program?
The Cardholder may redeem their TruPoints and contribute it to the Corporate Responsibility (CR) program organized by Bank Islam from time to time as stipulated in the TruRewards website. The TruPoints will be converted to ringgit and will be channeled to charity funds selected by the Cardholder.
16. Can I pay the annual fees using my TruPoints?
Yes, Cardholder may pay the annual fee for their Credit Card-i, using their TruPoints. However, such option must be exercised by the Cardholder within two (2) months from the date the annual fee is charged to the Cardholder account as stated in Credit Card-i statement.

 Terms and Conditions

This TruRewards terms and conditions govern the entitlement of Bank Islam Credit Card-i Cardmembers to receive TruPoints by the use of such cards and to redeem any respective items offered by Bank Islam (“Terms and Conditions”). This TruRewards programme is based on Shariah contract of Hibah.


The following expressions shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them hereunder:

“Annual Fee” means yearly fee charged by Bank Islam;
“ATM” means Automated Teller Machines which allows customer to perform several transactions through ATM machine such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, fund transfer, statement request, utilities bill payment, cheque book request and PIN change;
“Bankcard” means a multipurpose payment card;
”Bank Islam” means Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Company No.98127-X), a company incorporated in Malaysia and having its registered address at 32nd Floor, Menara Bank Islam, 22, Jalan Perak 50450 Kuala Lumpur;
“Bank Islam Card Centre” means a department in Bank Islam and having its correspondence address at 24th Floor, Menara Bank Islam, 22, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur;
“CASA” means current or savings accounts of the customers of Bank Islam;
“Cardmember” means a person to whom the Bank Islam Card-i has been issued;
“Contact Center” means the contact centre of Bank Islam contactable twenty four (24) hours at 03-26 900 900 for any inquiries regarding Bank Islam products and services;;
“Credit Card-i” means Bank Islam MasterCard Card-i or Visa Card-i issued by Bank Islam and includes Supplementary Card-i which are to be operated in accordance with their respective terms and conditions;
“Customer Service” means the customer service of Bank Islam Card Centre for any inquiries regarding Bank Islam Card-i contactable at 03-2726 7799 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm;
“Hibah” transfer of ownership of an asset from a donor to a recipient without any consideration;
“IPP” means an instalment purchase plan, a program offered by Bank Islam with participating merchants that allows Bank Islam Credit Card-i Cardmembers to pay in instalments according to specified plan offered for their purchases, subject to its respective terms and conditions;
“Items” means Merchandise and/or Vouchers;
“Merchandise” means selected goods or tangible items that are redeemable using TruPoints and top up using Bank Islam Card-i (if any);
“NPF” means a non-performing financing account with Bank Islam;
“Online Form” means a form that Cardmember fills up on TruRewards Website where the Cardmember has to submit;
“PIN” means Personal Identification Number;
“Principal Cardmember” means a person in whose name a Bank Islam Credit Card-i account is opened, operated and maintained in accordance with Bank Islam Credit Card-i terms and condition;
“RSVP” means retail spread value plan, a program that allows Cardmember to perform retail transaction and instead of deducting the full value of the transacted amount, Cardmember is allowed to pay in instalments accordance with its terms and conditions;
“Service Tax” means a form of tax imposed on specific service;
“Supplementary Card-i” means the Card-i issued by the Bank to a Supplementary Cardmember;
“Supplementary Cardmember” means any person nominated and authorised by the Principal Cardmember to operate his Bank Islam Credit Card-i account and who has agreed to be bound by the provision of its terms and conditions;
“TruRewards” means the registered trademark of a loyalty program introduced by Bank Islam as a reward to the Cardmember in accordance with this Terms and Conditions;
“TruRewards Account” means Principle Cardmember’s account used for accruing and redeeming TruPoints;
“TruRewards Website” means the official website for TruRewards at the address of
“TruPoints” means points rewarded to Cardmember under TruRewards;
“Vouchers” means printed piece of paper or electronic voucher that entitles the Cardmember to a discount or as a substitute for cash for purchase of goods and services;
“Write Off Account” means account with overdue debts and under legal action status.


2.1 For Cardmembers to be eligible to participate in TruRewards (“Eligible Cardmembers”), the following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled:
(a) Bank Islam Card-i accounts must be valid and in good standing.
(b) Opened to all Cardmember of Bank Islam Credit Card-i .
2.2 Only Principle Cardmember are eligible to redeem.

3.0 ACCESS TO TruPoints

3.1 The Eligible Cardmember needs to visit TruRewards Website at and key in your username and password to sign up an account (“TruRewards Account”).
3.2 TruRewards Account is used for accruing and redeeming TruPoints. Steps to register as below:
STEP 1 Login to, go to “FIRST TIME LOGIN”.
STEP 2 Accept the Terms and Conditions. Click Continue.
STEP 3 Key in Username, Password and Confirm Password. Click Continue.
STEP 4 Fill in the NRIC, Date of Birth and Security Question.
STEP 5 Click Activate.
STEP 6 Login to, using the registered username and password. Cardmember can view their accumulated points.
3.3 Access to TruPoints is at Bank Islam sole discretion. Bank Islam may choose to decline the Eligible Cardmember’s access to a TruRewards Account without assigning any reason.

4.0 TruPoints EARNING

4.1 The Eligible Cardmembers are entitled to earn TruPoints on retail purchases and overseas cash withdrawals.
4.2 Principal Cardmember may earn TruPoints from retail purchases and overseas cash withdrawal made by Supplementary Cardmember.
4.3 The eligible Cardmember including the Supplementary Cardmember respectively are entitled to earn TruPoints for retail purchases (local and overseas)and overseas cash withdrawal  :-
a)    one (1) TruPoints  for every RM1 spent using Bank Islam Credit Card –i 
The following transactions shall NOT qualify for earning of TruPoints:-
a) Credit Card-i
1) Cash withdrawal via Bank Islam ATMs and ATMs belong to other banks in Malaysia
Annual Fees
Late payment compensation handling fee (Ta’widh)
Finance charges
Service Tax
Instalment payment under RSVP and RSVP fees
Balance Transfer
9) Auto Debit
10) Any other reasonable fees and charges imposed by Bank Islam for services and facilities rendered to the Cardmember
Adjustment may be made to the TruPoints earned by the Eligible Cardmember arising from reversal of billing amount due to refund or dispute.

TruPoints earned are not transferable.

TruPoints earned have no cash or monetary value and accrued TruPoints are not convertible to cash.


5.1 TruPoints will be forfeited or expired after 36 months and if there is no redemption made by the Cardmember. However, Bank Islam reserves the right to change an expiry date from time to time with appropriate notice.
5.2 In the event Eligible Cardmember opts to close his account, TruPoints earned must be redeemed prior to the date the account is closed. Otherwise, all unredeemed TruPoints will be automatically forfeited without prior notification to Cardmember.
5.3 TruPoints will be forfeited immediately once the Cardmember’s Credit Card-i account turned to NPF.


6.1 Cardmember will be able to view the statement of their accumulated TruPoints via the TruRewards Website and monthly Credit Card-i statement.


7.1 All Bank Islam Credit Card-i accounts must be valid and in good standing (currently not overdue in payment), not closed or terminated by Bank Islam at the time of redemption request.
7.2 Eligible Cardmembers can view TruPoints via TruRewards Website.
7.3 Redemption can be done via TruRewards website or by way of complete and send the TruRewards redemption form to Bank Islam via facsimile, email, mail or submit it to the nearest branches.
7.4 For Eligible Cardmembers who do not have an email address, they can make an enquiry on TruPoints by calling the Customer Service or Contact Centre or walk in to the nearest Bank Islam branches or such other method as may be prescribed by the Bank from time to time.
7.5 Eligible Cardmember may use their accumulated TruPoints to redeem for any Items available.
7.6 Eligible Cardmember may also redeem TruPoints for any Items by combining the minimum TruPoints of the item and the remaining balance value of the item will be charge to Bank Islam Credit Card-i. However, Eligible Cardmember must ensure that they have sufficient Bank Islam Credit Card-i credit limit.
7.7 By redeeming the TruPoints, the Eligible Cardmembers authorise Bank Islam to debit the TruPoints from their TruRewards Accounts.
7.8 Once Eligible Cardmember have placed a redemption request and is accepted by Bank Islam, the request CANNOT be revoked, cancelled or exchanged. Once Eligible Cardmember have redeemed their TruPoints, such TruPoints will be considered extinguished and STRICTLY CANNOT be reinstated.
7.9 Any redemption request with insufficient TruPoints will be rejected.


8.1 Merchandise
8.1.1 All Merchandise are subject to availability.
8.1.2 The actual Merchandise may differ from the visual displayed in TruRewards Website or other printed materials.
8.2 Vouchers
8.2.1 Vouchers are issued by participating merchants on behalf of Bank Islam subject to availability and any restriction imposed upon them and cannot be exchanged for cash. The list of participating merchants is available at the TruRewards Website.
8.2.2 The Vouchers are valid for use until the date specified on the respective Vouchers. Bank Islam will neither extend the validity date nor refund any TruPoints for the expired Vouchers.
8.2.3 The Vouchers are valid for use only at participating merchants and subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the respective participating merchants.
8.2.4 All necessary arrangements made in connection with the usage of the Vouchers will be the sole responsibility of the Eligible Cardmember.
8.2.5 Issuance of a travel or hotel Vouchers does not constitute a reservation with the relevant service establishments. Cardmember are responsible to liaise directly to the relevant parties for reservation by redeeming TruPoints.
8.2.6 Bank Islam is not responsible for lost or stolen Vouchers which have been received by the Eligible Cardmember.
8.2.7 Bank Islam is not responsible for any cancellation charges incurred in the event of cancellation of the travel / hotel /dining reservations made by the Eligible Cardmember.
8.3 Redemption of Credit Card-i Annual Fee
8.3.1 Eligible Cardmembers may pay an annual fee for their credit cards, by utilizing their TruPoints. However such option to redeem the TruPoints towards settlement of the annual fee must be exercised by the Eligible Cardmembers within two(2) months from the date of Bank Islam has charged Credit Card-i annual fee, as indicated in the Eligible Cardmember’s statement.
8.4 Charity Fund Contribution
8.4.1 Eligible Cardmembers may redeem their TruPoints and contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program organized by Bank Islam from time to time. Bank Islam shall at its discretion to select any suitable Corporate Responsibility (CSR) program.
8.4.2 The TruPoints will be converted to cash voucher and subsequently it will be channeled to Charity Fund through the appointed agents or authorized 3rd party from time to time, to handle the contribution.


9.1 By participating in TruRewards, the Eligible Cardmembers shall be considered to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stated herein including all decisions of Bank Islam which are deemed final, binding and conclusive.
9.2 All redemption for Items made would require fourteen (14) to twenty one (21) days for delivery effective from the redemption date made by Eligible Cardmember with acknowledgement receipt via TruRewards Website.
9.3 Delivery of the Items shall be made to the address provided by the Cardmember through the TruRewards Website.
9.4 Bank Islam reserves the right to appoint a third (3rd) party agent(s) or vendor(s) to handle the fulfilment or making available the Items and delivery of the Merchandises or Vouchers to Eligible Cardmember for the purpose of redemption item.
9.5 No delivery will be made to P.O.Box addresses as well as addresses outside Malaysia.
9.6 All accumulation of TruPoints by Eligible Cardmember will be treated as null and void upon cancellation of the Bank Islam Card-i for any reason whatsoever and regardless of whether the cancellation is effected by Bank Islam or the Eligible Cardmember.
9.7 Bank Islam reserves the right at its absolute discretion to revise the TruPoints or substitute and/or replace any of the Merchandise listed with reasonable notice.
9.8 Items accepted in good condition are strictly non-returnable and non-exchangeable. In the event of any physical defect to the Merchandise, Eligible Cardmember must report the defect to Bank Islam’s appointed 3rd party agent(s) or vendor(s) within 24 hours upon receipt. The Product must be returned together with its original packaging. Bank Islam is not responsible for any physical defect to the Product received by Eligible Cardmember.
9.9 All Items are not exchangeable for other rewards or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances.
9.10 Bank Islam will not be liable for any death, injury, consequential loss or damage of any nature the Eligible Cardmember or any other person may suffer arising from or out of the Items redeemed.
9.11 Any dispute concerning goods and services received under TruRewards shall be settled between Eligible Cardmember and service establishment and/or supplier that supplied such goods and services. Bank Islam shall bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes or for the dispute itself.
9.12 Any notice by Bank Islam in relation to TruRewards may be issued through mail, email, SMS, Card monthly statement, Bank Islam corporate website ( or and shall become effective on such date as Bank Islam may notify.
9.13 Bank Islam shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever, in respect of technical failures of any kind, unauthorized human intervention or electronic/ human errors in the administration and processing of TruRewards.
9.14 Bank Islam shall not be liable for any misinterpretation of facts, and/or inflicted injuries and/or loss of lives and/or valuables resulting from participating in TruRewards. Bank Islam shall not be liable, whether direct or consequential, for any loss and damage and/or whatsoever suffered by the Eligible Cardmembers caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from their participation in TruRewards and/or as a result of any act or omission on the part of Bank Islam.
9.15 Bank Islam reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend TruRewards upon giving adequate notice. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by Bank Islam of TruRewards shall not entitle the Eligible Cardmembers to any claim or compensation against Bank Islam for any loss or damage suffered or incurred as a direct and indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
9.16 The Bank Islam reserves the right, sole and absolute discretion to amend any and/or the Terms and Conditions herein at any time with prior notice to the Cardmembers and the duly amended terms and conditions shall become effective on such a date as may be determined by Bank Islam.
9.17 The Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.



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