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Auto Debit Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT : Cardmember is advised to read and understand the terms and conditions herein before signing up with the Bank Islam Auto Pay Service.

1. If the Cardmember wishes to acquire the Auto Pay Service (the service), and Bank Islam (the Bank) agrees to provide the service, all the terms and conditions in Cardmember’s agreement, these terms and conditions or any other additional terms that apply to Auto Pay as specified by the Bank at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time (collectively Terms and Conditions) will apply.

2. Cardmember will be deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions when the Cardmember makes payment for any purchase of any goods or services to the Service Providers under Auto Pay Service.

3. Auto Pay is applicable to All Bank Islam Cardmembers provided that the total amount debited is within Cardmember’s available Financing Limit.

4. Until the Cardmember receives notification from the Bank, whether by way of an entry in the monthly statement or otherwise, the Cardmember is obliged to settle, and shall settle, all outstanding bills of the Service Providers whose bills are, at the Cardmember’s request, to be paid under the Auto Pay and the Bank shall not be liable for interest on any other charges incurred as a result of the Cardmember’s and /or the Bank’s failure or delay in making payment before or after the due date.

5. Where the bills are issued by any Service Provider, the Cardmember hereby expressly acknowledges that the Cardmember is obliged to inform the Bank in writing upon disconnection of any telephone lines or any changes in the enlisted telephone numbers or the bill account numbers. Notwithstanding any charges to the particulars aforesaid, the Bank shall be entitled to continue to debit the Card Account until the Bank receives actual notices of such change.

6. In the event that the Cardmember has previously instructed the Service Provider to charge the bills to the Card Account maintained by any other card issuers, the Cardmember must inform the Service Providers that such instructions are to be treated as revoked and of the change in the paying instructions.

7. The Bank reserves the right not to make payment to any or all of the bills which the Cardmember has requested to be paid under the Auto Pay service without assigning any reason thereof and the Bank shall not be liable for any claims, losses, costs, expenses or damages of whatsoever nature arising from the Bank’s refusal to make payment of any or all of the Bills as aforesaid.

8. Should the Card Account/Number being changed due to any reasons whatsoever (e.g. Expiry Date, lost, stolen, upgrade and etc.), the Cardmember is required to inform the Service Provider on the changes respectively, to avoid disruption of the service(s).

9. The Bank accepts no responsibility to make payment of the bills at any time or in a timely manner, and the Bank shall not incur any liability through any error, neglect, refusal or omission (whether by its negligence or otherwise) to make, or any delay in making, payment of any or all of the bills to the Service Providers.

10. In the event of any dispute pertaining to the bills or the provisions of any goods or services with the Service Providers :-

  • The Cardmember shall resolve such dispute directly with the Service Providers

  • The liability of the Cardmember and his obligation to make payment to the Bank shall not affected by any such dispute, or any counterclaim or right of set-off which the Cardmember may have against such Service Providers; and

  • The Cardmember shall not withhold payment to the Bank on account of any such dispute, counterclaim or right of set-off under circumstances whatsoever; and

  • The Bank shall not be responsible for investigating or resolving any such dispute or for the dispute itself, and shall not be liable for making payment of the bills to the Service Providers or for debiting the amount of the bills to the Card Account even if the Bank has notice of such dispute and the Cardmember hereby undertakes not to enjoin the Bank as a party to any such dispute or to any legal proceedings in relation to such dispute.

11. The Bank reserves the right to add, delete, alter or amend any of these Terms and Conditions at any time with notice and they shall become effective on such date as the Bank may elect to adopt. At the discretion of the Bank, notice of such additions or modifications or amendments may be affected by: -

  • by mailing the aforesaid notice to the Cardmember via BIC monthly statement

  • by sending notice of the same by SMS or electronic mail or posting it via Bank Islam Corporate Website or Bank Islam FB.

12. Such amendments and alterations shall be effective and binding on the Cardmember with effect from the date the amendments and decision of the Bank shall be final, binding and conclusive.

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