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Bank Islam Enhances Corporate Identity

KUALA LUMPUR, Wednesday [27 February 2008]: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam) has enhanced its logo following feedback from customers and stakeholders on its corporate rebranding exercise.
This involves the transformation of the stylised “K” into a normal letter “K”. The logo now clearly spells out the word Bank Islam.

The crescent, a universally recognised symbol of the Islamic faith, which previously formed part of the letter “K” now stands on its own as an icon between the words, Bank and Islam.

“The enhancement is a response to feedback gathered from our customers and stakeholders who found it difficult to clearly read the stylised “K” as K in the logo”, Bank Islam said in a statement today.

“As a responsible bank, Bank Islam decided to eliminate the possibility of the logo being misinterpreted by certain quarters,” the statement added.

The re-branding, launched in August 2007, is part of a transformation programme prescribed by a turnaround plan to return the Bank to profitability. The Bank turned around strongly in the financial year ended 30 June 2007, posting a record pre-tax profit before tax and zakat of RM255.49 million.

Bank Islam Logo Rationale

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