Saturday, 29 April 2017, 3 Sya'ban 1438H Solat Time:
KL Imsak 5:35 | Subuh 5:45 | Syuruk 7:03 | Zohor 1:13 | Asar 4:31 | Maghrib 7:20 | Isyak 8:31

Logo Rationale


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The strength of Bank Islam lies in the word “Islam”. In this word rests the Bank’s commitment to advocate a banking system based on Shari’ah principles.

The Bank Islam logo incorporates a “crescent” embracing the word “Islam”, signifying the Bank’s unwavering commitment to uphold Shari’ah principles in all our values, activities and transactions.

The crescent, as a universally recognised symbol of Islam or the Islamic faith, reinforces our vision to be a global leader and to be recognised as the ultimate guidance and source of reference for Islamic banking.

Two colours are chosen for the logo: Maroon which symbolises leadership, care and dynamism, and dark grey which signifies professionalism and trustworthiness.

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