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Corporate Profile

Congratulatory note for Datuk Dr Abdul Halim



We are immensely proud that our founding Managing Director, Datuk Dr Abdul Halim, has been conferred the Royal Award of Islamic Finance during the Global Islamic Finance Forum 2014 held recently. The award recognizes his relentless commitment, leadership and contribution in establishing Islamic finance in Malaysia, particularly for his role in setting up the first Islamic bank and the first Takaful company as well as the issuance of the first Islamic Sukuk in the country. Under his vision and stewardship, the Islamic finance industry flourished, making it an increasingly attractive sector, complementing conventional finance.

In 1983, we took a bold step to become the first Islamic bank in Malaysia. Since then, we have been growing as a full-fledged Islamic banking institution with more than four million customers nationwide at present. In addition, we have been recognised as the source of Islamic banking reference and guidance, with the responsibility to grow the industry and bringing further advancement to the Islamic financial system.

Right from the start, Bank Islam has lived up to its name by offering pure Shariah-compliant solutions. Through our continuous innovations, we offer a diversified range of solutions that meet our customers’ financial needs. Our structured operations and capable people are dedicated to delivering exceptional banking experience to our customers and supporting them in the moments that matter most. We provide the widest network of dedicated Islamic banking channels with 147 branches and more than 1,100 self-service terminals nationwide.

Our effort to expand our market presence is intensified by our endeavour to build our digital banking capability. We develop strategies and platforms related to Financial Technology (“FinTech”) that will enable us to better connect with our customers, ushering in a new era of banking experience and service excellence. Our continuous digital innovations help us to promote the idea of inclusive growth as we aim at creating more economic opportunities within our business and the communities we operate in, supporting our ongoing efforts to develop the real economy.

Through our strict adherence to Shariah rules and principles, we have earned a reputation as an ethical and trustworthy banking institution. Our commitment to upholding strong corporate governance has ensured that we consistently make the right decisions in looking after the best interest of our stakeholders.

Being a fully Shariah-compliant organisation, our ingrained values and principles have instilled upon us a sense of responsibility in ensuring the well-being of the society and natural environment. Through our community engagement programmes, we have been instrumental in uplifting the lives of needy communities as well as preserving our precious natural ecosystem.

Today, Bank Islam is taking another step forward as we assume our responsibility to strengthen the role and impact of Islamic finance. By adopting the principles of Valuebased Intermediation (“VBI”) as advocated by Bank Negara Malaysia, we commit ourselves to becoming a responsible financial institution that is dedicated to upholding the shared values of integrity, inclusivity and sustainability. As we embark on this journey, Bank Islam is building a sustainable future that promotes inclusive economic and social progress for our stakeholders, and at the same time offers a better, faster and fairer service for the benefit of all.

“The inception of Bank Islam in Malaysia is not a manifestation of the Muslim people’s pride and haughtiness or a symbolic attempt to portray Islam in this country. The formation of Bank Islam is an effort to demonstrate that Islamic assimilation in our country’s economy shall not evoke any economic catastrophe. What is needed here is neither a ‘gesture’ nor ‘symbol’ but the trusted expertise to establish and manage which will determine that an Islamic banking system can play its role successfully in today’s modern economy.”

Excerpt of speech by YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, in his capacity as the Prime Minister of Malaysia then, commemorating the official launch of Bank Islam’s operations (1 July 1983)

1 July 1983 is a date of historic significance. It was when Bank Islam Malaysian Berhad or Bank Islam, in short, was officially established, marking the beginning of Islamic banking not just in Malaysia but also within the ASEAN region. As the pioneer of the industry, Bank Islam has since set the benchmark for innovations with a number of groundbreaking Shariah-based banking products and services. It has grown from a banking organisation providing purely Islamic banking products and services to an institution that provides comprehensive, end-to-end financial solutions. Today, Bank Islam is transforming the country’s economic landscape, leading the way in the development of Malaysia as one of the world’s major Islamic financial hub.


Islamic banking business is defined as “banking business whose aims and operations do not involve any element which is contrary to the Religion of Islam.”

Report by the National Steering Committee on the establishment of an Islamic bank in Malaysia

The establishment of Bank Islam can be traced even way back before World War II where Muslims in the country were already looking for an alternative financial system that would comply with the Shariah (Islamic jurisprudence) requirements. It was not until 1969 however that the Pilgrims Management and Fund Board (Lembaga Urusan dan Tabung Haji or “Tabung Haji”) was established as one of the first Islamic financial institutions, primarily to encourage savings and investments among the Muslims and help depositors perform Hajj.

At the international level, the call for the establishment of an Islamic banking system had been gaining in momentum but it was only in 1975 that the first Islamic bank was established in Dubai. The bank was formed after 15 years of extensive research and joint effort by professional Islamic economists, financiers and officers from various world Islamic organisations.

The inception of Bank Islam in 1983 was the culmination of intense determination, inspired by the Bumiputera Economic Congress in 1980, followed by a seminar on the Concept of Development in Islam in 1981, and the tireless efforts of Tabung Haji, PERKIM (a non-governmental organisation committed to looking after the welfare of Muslims across the country) and the National Steering Committee for Islamic Bank (“National Steering Committee”).

Starting with 30 pioneering staff, Bank Islam’s first year of operation was conducted by its temporary headquarter at the first floor of Kompleks Jemaah Haji at Subang, Selangor. By the end of its first financial year, Bank Islam has four (4) operating branches at Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu and Alor Setar, with 272 employees.

Via the innovative application of Waqf land development, today, Bank Islam’s headquarter is the pristine Menara Bank Islam, located in the midst of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Kuala Lumpur. As at end of 2013, Bank Islam has 133 branches nationwide with a workforce of more than 4,200.


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