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Corporate Desktop Banking

Corporate Internet Banking

Subject Charges Rate / Amount
Subscription Fees Monthly RM90.00
Stamp Duty For 2 copies of agreements RM20.00
Smart Card Starter pack for Ivest Smart Card RM259.00
Delivery Charges RM5.00 (Peninsular Malaysia) per SMART Card
RM8.00 (Sabah/Sarawak) per SMART Card
Annual Fees RM120.00 per SMART Card

Other Corporate Internet Banking, e-Banker Transactions Services

Subject Charges Rate / Amount
Funds Transfer MEPS IBG (Below (RM100,000.00) RM2.00 per transaction
Local Telegraphic Transfers, RENTAS (above RM100,000.00) RM5.00 per transaction
Cheque Issuance  Inclusive of stamp duty, advices and normal mail RM2.00 per transaction
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