Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 23 Rabiulawal 1441H Solat Time:

Shariah Contracts / Concepts for Trade Services

Wakalah (Agency)
It refers to an agency relationship where one party is appointed to act as an agent on behalf of another party.

Murabahah (Cost Plus)

Under Murabahah contract, the Bank sells the goods to you at the Bank’s selling price which comprises the principal amount (i.e. the cost price of the goods) plus Bank’s profit payable by you.

Kafalah (Guarantee)

It refers to a contract of performance or financial guarantee given by one party to discharge the liability of a third party in the case of defaults.

Bai’ Dayn (Debt Trading)

This contract refers to the selling of your trade debts/receivable arising from trade-related transactions. You will sell your trade debts/receivable to the Bank for a discounted amount.

Ujrah (Fee)

It refers to commission or fee charged for services rendered by the Bank.

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