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Small Debt Resolution Scheme (SDRS)

  • To assist viable SMEs facing financing difficulties with financial institutions through restructuring or rescheduling of the existing financing or new financing (where necessary).
  • To stabilise business cashflow by providing some financial reprieve whilst viable SMEs implement business turnaround plans
Eligibility Criteria
  • Malaysian-owned companies (at least 51%) in all economic sectors.
  • Meet the SME definition criteria:
    • Number of full time employees not exceeding 200; or
    • Annual sales turnover not more than RM50 million.
  • Viable SMEs facing financial difficulties with financing from financial institutions.
  • Applicable for business related financing only.
  • Business is still on-going.
  • At least 3 years relationship with Bank Islam.
  • Applicant can obtain SDRS application form from:
    • Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
    • BNMLINK / BNM Regional Offices / Branch
    • BNM’s website:
    • SMEinfo portal:
  • Supporting Documents
    • Company information
    • Management information
    • Financial information
    • Security information
    • Business operation information
    • Any other supporting documents
  • Submission and Evaluation
    • Submit complete SDRS application to Bank Islam or BNMLINK / Regional Offices BNM / Branch
    • SDRS Secretariat of BNM shall contact applicant
    • Evaluation of Application by Bank Islam
      • If application is approved by Bank Islam
  • PFIs and borrower implement new financing terms
    • If application is rejected by Bank Islam
      • SDRS Secretariat of BNM will undertake an independent assessment on the application


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