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Corporate Investment Banking

Bank Islam’s Corporate Investment Banking Division (CIB) spearheads the provision and development of total Islamic financial solutions for our corporate clientele. Backed by our resources and experience as Malaysia’s pioneer Islamic bank, our team of professionals is able to offer clients an extensive array of Shariah-based corporate and investment banking products and services tailored to their specific needs.

CIB Services

CIB offers a wide range of corporate advisory and fund raising services through its Corporate Finance, Debt Capital Markets and Corporate Banking departments which cover the equity capital market, debt capital market and bank market respectively. These services include:

  • Islamic Securities or Sukuk

We advise on and arrange fund raising for clients via the issuance of Islamic securities or Sukuk under commercial papers, medium term notes and/or bonds programmes.

  •  Corporate Financing

We provide trade financing, working capital and term financing facilities to meet client’s operational and capital expenditure requirements.

  • Syndicated Financing

We offer advice on and arrange fund raising for clients via club-deal or syndicated financing facilities.

  • Project Advisory and Financing

We advise clients on project structure and contractual terms from a financing perspective as well as arrange fund raising for projects via Islamic securities or syndicated financing.

  • Debt Restructuring

We offer advice on financial solutions for companies which are unable to meet debt obligations.

  • Takeovers, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments

We offer advice on strategising, planning and executing takeovers, reverse takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, management buyouts and divestments.

  • General Corporate Advisory

We advise clients on waivers from general offers, bonus issues, capital repayment, employee share option schemes, listing transfer and valuation of companies or businesses, as well as proffer independent financial advice for general offers and related party transactions.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

We offer advice on the public issue of new securities and/or offers for sale of existing securities in companies seeking listing and quotation on the Main Market and the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia.

  • Secondary Offerings

We offer listed companies advice on fund raising via secondary offerings of securities including rights issues, restricted issues, private placement and special issues of equity and equity-linked instruments such as redeemable preference shares and warrants.

Adding Value

  • CIB assigns dedicated teams to meet each client’s needs throughout the entire transaction process, thus assuring the highest levels of service quality and continuity.

  • CIB is equipped with a sound understanding of Shariah requirements and contracts, thus enabling us to continually innovate or evolve new financial structures in accordance with each client’s particular needs.

  • CIB has the requisite skills, experience and capacity to assume the full spectrum of transactional roles in any given transaction, including:

    • Principal Advisor
    • Financial Advisor
    • Structuring Advisor
    • Lead Arranger
    • Facility, Security and Monitoring Agent
    • Underwriter
    • Primary Subscriber
    • Book-Runner
    • Placement Agent
    • Shariah Advisor
  • CIB conducts complimentary educational sessions on the Islamic equity and debt capital markets as well as syndicated and project financing as part of our continuous commitment to the development and growth of Islamic banking and finance.


  • Premier industry standing as Malaysia’s pioneer Islamic bank with global recognition and a key player in the promotion of Islamic banking and the development of Malaysia as an international Islamic financial centre.

  • Solid financial footing and large underwriting capacity amongst Islamic financial institutions in the country, backed by domestic and foreign shareholders with substantial financial resources.

  • Vast experience and proven capabilities in advisory, structuring, execution and distribution activities, supported by a highly respected Shariah Supervisory Council.

  • Pioneer and innovator of new Shariah-based financing structures and instruments both domestically and internationally, encompassing many first-of-its-kind and trend-setting Sukuk transactions.

  • Sole Islamic non-investment bank on the Securities Commission’s Approved List of Principal Advisors for specific equity-related corporate proposals and the first commercial bank to act as Principal Advisor for an equity-related corporate exercise.


Corporate Investment Banking Division
General Line: 603 2688 2688

  • Corporate Finance Department
    Direct Line: 603 2688 2650

  • Debt Capital Market Department
    Direct Line: 603 2688 2700 / 2701

  • Corporate Banking Department
    Direct Line: 603 2688 2755 / 2750

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