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Bill Payment & Presentment Facility


  • A solution where your bills/fees details to your customers are uploaded/presented to Bank Islam’s front end system

  • A facility that enable the bank to collect payments on your behalf

Benefit and Advantages

  • Enables bills to be collected on your behalf without any errors

  • Able to display Bill Information’s detail

  • Easy reconciliation

  • The payment can also made by your customers via Auto Teller Machine (ATM)/ Internet Banking


  • A collection account with Bank Islam

  • Minimal commission per transaction

  • Compliant to Bank Islam file formats (optional)

  • Subscribe to E-Banker; Bank Islam Corporate Desktop Banking( optional)

  • Bill details to be sent to Bank Islam


Talk to Us
Require further information on our system? Simply call us at 03-2782 1314 / 1315 / 1301 / 1321 / 1318 and speak to our friendly eBanker Support personnel:

  •     En. Yusuffdeen Anwardin
  •     En. Mohd Akram Md Zain
  •     En. Luqman Hakim Rosli
  •     En. Ismail Saleh
  •     En. Kamarul Azwan Ismail
  •     Pn. Siti Norhafiza Shaharil

You may also drop your inquiries to us via e-mail at

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