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Revolving Credit-i (Tawarruq)

Revolving Credit-i (Tawarruq)


Bank Islam Revolving Credit-i (Tawarruq) is designed to finance working capital needs of business customers such as corporate and commercial. The financing is offered with a revolving feature that allows business customers to use the finances when they are needed as working capital (subject to the availability of financing limits).

 Shariah Concept


Product Mechanics

  • The customer is required to issue a utilisation notice to the Bank when it is in need of working capital.
  •  Subject to the availability of financing limits, the Bank will provide the working capital after Tawarruq transaction has been made with the customer according to the requested amount based on the utilisation notice.
  • The customer is required to make a settlement of the Bank’s Sale Price (Principal + Profit) on its maturity date.


  • Flexibility in utilisation of funds when required
  • Competitive pricing and margin of financing
  • Globally accepted Shariah concept

Product Pricing

Profit rate (all in rate)

  • Cost of Fund (COF) + Spread
  • Base Financing Rate (BFR) + Spread


Spread is determined based on credit standing of the Customer during application of the facility

Fees and Charges

Agency Fee for Tawarruq Transaction

  • RM25.00 – Appointment of the Bank as Purchase Agent (ABPA)
  • RM25.00 – Appointment of the Bank as Sale Agent (ABSA)


The fees and charges are inclusive of goods and services tax (GST) where applicable



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