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Business Cash Line-i (BCL-i)

1.0 Introduction
Bank Islam Business Cash Line-i (Tawarruq) facility is a revolving financing product designed for business customers to cater to their working capital requirements. The facility is offered at a variable rate where the monthly payment amount may be varied from time to time based on the Bank’s base financing rate changes. The payment amount shall not exceed the Bank’s Sale Price.
2.0 Shariah Concept
3.0 Product Mechanism
a)The Bank will execute the Tawarruq transaction before financing is credited to a marginal account for utilisation.
b)Customer utilises the facility via a Current Account.
c)The customer is required to pay the profit amount to the Bank on a monthly basis, based on his/her utilisation amount which is computed based on the Bank’s prevailing Effective Profit Rate, which does not exceed the Ceiling Rate.
d)Upon maturity of the financing, the customer is required to make a full settlement for the outstanding profit and principal of the Bank’s Sale Price.
4.0 Benefits
a)Flexibility in financing utilisation
b)Competitive financing rate and margin
c)Globally accepted Shariah concept
5.0 Product Pricing
Profit rate (all in rate)
a)Cost of Fund (COF) + Spread
b)Base Financing Rate (BFR) + Spread
Spread is determined based on credit standing of the Customer during application of facility.
6.0 Fees and Charges
a)Agency Fee for Tawarruq Transaction
(i)RM25.00 – Appointment of the Bank as Purchase Agent (ABPA)
(ii)RM25.00 – Appointment of the Bank as Sale Agent (ABSA)
b)Current Account Fee
As per the latest Bank’s Standard fees and charges as per Current Account Terms & Conditions.

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