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ExtraBagAnza Personal Financing-i Campaign


Extra“Bag”Anza Personal Financing-i is a campaign to further promote Personal Financing-i facility to Bank Islam’s Package Financing & Medical Practitioner customers.

Under this campaign, customers who apply will stand a chance to win prizes, which are to be given out on quarterly basis.

Our selected approved customers will be rewarded with a special gift e.g. branded handbags (Female) and Umrah package or travel vouchers (Male) on quarterly basis.

What Makes Bank Islam Different
  • No Slogan
  • Easy to win (every 3 months)
  • Competitive rates
  • No hidden charges
  • No guarantor
  • No processing fee
  • Flexible financing tenure
  • Selling price – fixed and known
  • Fast approval

Prize Structure
  • In every 3 months, Bank Islam is giving away 20 designer handbags worth RM5,000 each to selected female customers. There are also attractive Umrah / holiday packages worth RM6,000 for male customers too.
  • Handbags to be won include designer brands such as Coach, Chloė, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo and many more. Prizes however are subject to change at the Bank’s discretion.
  • Only applicable for the financing amount of RM30,000 and above;
  • The Campaign is valid until 30th June 2010.
  • Prize winners will be  announced via Bank Islam portal and newspapers. The Bank will also personally contact winners for Prize Giving Ceremony.

Eligibity Criteria
  • This campaign is open to all Package Financing Customers and Medical Practitioners (Doctor & Dentist).
  • Minimum financing amount to be eligible for this Campaign is RM30,000 (new or overlap application). 
  • This campaign is offered to Malaysian citizen only.

For Package Financing Customer
    • Up to 10 times gross salary for  income < RM1,500. Minimum income is kept at RM1,200
    • Up to 15 times gross salary for income ³ RM1,500. 
    • Applicant must be at least 18 years old and not exceeding the retirement age at the end of payment period 
    • Minimum financing amount is RM30,000 and maximum amount is RM150,000.00
    • Facility amount will be fixed in multiple of RM1,000.

For Medical Practitioner (Doctor & Dentist)
    • Up to 15 times of employee’s fixed monthly income for above RM2,000; and within the employee’s eligibility limit.
    • Based on the exposure and subject to 15 times of gross salary or maximum of RM150,000, whichever is lower. Facility amount will be fixed in multiple of RM1, 000.

Salary Earner Doctors/ Dentists
  • Age 25 years old and above and up to actual retirement aged at the end of the payment period.
  • Employed with fixed income under approved employer and already in service in that particular company for:
a)    Permanent Staff: 6 months and above.
b)    Contract Staff: 2 years (Government only)
  • Earned a minimum gross monthly income:
a)    Permanent Staff: RM2,000.
b)    Contract Staff: RM2,000 (Government only)

Sole-proprietorship/ Partnership Doctors/ Dentists
  • Minimum of 2 years in business.

Financing Rate
Financing Rate for Both Package Financing Customer & Medical Practitioner
  • 1-3 years        : 3.25% p.a
  • 4-10 years      : 4.99% p.a 
  • 11-15 years    : 5.50% p.a
Note: All rates are subject to change from time to time

Target Market
  • Government Sector;
  • Selected Public Listed Companies; 
  • Subsidiaries of Government or Selected Public Listed Company; 
  • Other Prominent Private Limited Companies as categorized under package companies listed by Bank Islam;
  • All clinics and hospitals, Medicine/Dentist Faculties.

Documents Required
  • Photocopy of identification card;
  • Latest 3 months pay slip; 
  • Latest Letter of confirmation from employer; 
  • Certificate of registration with Malaysian Medical Council or Malaysian Dental Council  (Medical Practitioners only);
  • Latest Annual income statement (EA/EC/B Form);
  • latest 3 months Bank Statements of salary credited account;
  • any other supporting document such as EPF statement (if required).
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