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An Najah NID-i


Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad now offers investors an Islamic Structured Investment which provides investor an opportunity to earn a potentially higher return without risking the capital.

Gives the Investor the assurance of capital protection over the 3 years duration period of the investment (if held to maturity) together with the potential for high returns linked to stock index comprising of the Global Top 30 stocks, selected from the Dow Jones Islamic Market World Index.


  • 100% capital protected provided investment is held to maturity. 

  •  Potentially high returns through SGAM Baraka Aging Population Index among the ICB Industries “Health Care” and “Consumer Services” from Dow Jones Islamic Market World (DJIMW ) index of 2400 stocks universe

  • Global Diversification Across Industries and Countries

  • Active Investing and Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Shariah Compliant Investment

  • Up to 100% Participation

  • Profit Sharing Ratio: Investor 99.9% : Bank 0.1%

  • 3 year Investment tenure


  • Capital is fully protected in Ringgit Malaysia. Benefit from global exposure without subjecting capital to any currency risk.

  • Returns will be denominated in USD but paid out in Ringgit

  • Approved by Bank Islam Shariah Supervisory Council

*** Redemption amount prior to maturity is subject to prevailing market conditions
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An-Najah NID-i is an Islamic Negotiable Instruments (INI) which is structured along the concept of Mudharabah Muqayyadah. Investment in INIs must be in minimum denominations of RM50,000 and multiples of RM50,000.

Visit Bank Islam Branches near you for details. Our professional officers will entertain your queries on a non obligatory basis. You may also call us at 26 900 900.

Please Note:

  1. An-Najad NID-i is an Islamic Negotiable Instruments of Deposits (NID-i) as per Bank Negara Malaysia Guidelines on Islamic Negotiable Instruments (2000).

  2. The capital protection only applies to Investors who hold their investments until maturity date. Any Redemption amount prior to maturity is subject to prevailing market conditions and therefore the capital protection does not apply in this case.

  3. To invest in this product, customer must first agree and sign related documents to Structured Investment with Bank Islam.

Depositors should be aware that this instrument is principal protected by the issuing bank upon maturity only. If the instrument is redeemed or sold PRIOR to maturity, the investor may face fees or costs which could result in the investor LOSING PART OR ALL of the initial deposit amount. The returns on this instrument are uncertain and the depositor risks earning no returns at all.

Not insured by PIDM

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