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Internet Banking


Do it from your home, your office or even when you're on vacation! Yes, you can now manage your cash flow, financial commitments and your investments online. With bankislam facilitating all the features below… just log on to www.bankislam.biz for the full details

Just follow these three easy steps
  1. Create your Internet Banking PIN at our ATM
  2. Register online at www.bankislam.biz from your PC
  3. Perform your banking transaction

    Enjoy all these banking services and facilities:

    Get updates, details and statements on all your accounts through

    • Account summary
    • Account details
    • Financing details
    • Investment details
    • Float details
    • Account history

    Make fund transfers
    • Between your own accounts
    • To third party accounts
    • Inter bank fund transfer via MEPS IBG
    • Maintenance of future fund transfers
    • Maintenance of beneficiaries

    Make Payment
    • On bills to Service Providers
    • Maintenance of Registered Bill Payment

    Manage your investments
    • With placement in your General Investment Account or Sakinah Account
    • With withdrawals
    • With details of your investment history

    Initiate standing instructions
    • Delete them as well

    Manage your financing accounts
    • Payment facility
    • Financing details

    Manage your Bank Islam Card account
    • Account details
    • Payments facility
    • Account activity

    Manage your cheques
    • Status inquiry
    • Stop cheque facility
    • Release of stop cheque facility
    • Cheque book request
    • Cheque return inquiry
    • Cheque deposit inquiry

    Enjoy other services
    • Current Account statement request
    • Profit rates inquiry
    • FOREX rates inquiry
    • Update your profile
    • Change your account correspondence address
    • Change your password
    • Send message to your Internet Banking customer care
    • Delete your ATM card in cases of loss or authorized usage

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