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Corporate Internet Banking


eBanker is a new Corporate Internet Banking service provided by Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad to its corporate customers. This service is specially designed to save and assist the corporate customers in reducing paperwork, costs and time in performing their banking transactions by having an easy online transactions at their premises without leaving the offices. This service is connecting through Internet that allows customer to access from anywhere and anytime.

eBanker Features

  • Account Balance Summary
  • Statement Account Inquiry
  • Cheque Status Inquiry
  • Domestic Cheque Return Inquiry
  • Own Account Transfer
  • Fund Transfer (Intrabank, Interbank (Meps IBG) and Rentas)
  • Salary Crediting (Intrabank and Interbank)
  • Statement Request
  • Rates and Codes Inquiry

2nd Phase

  • Remittances
  • Financing
  • Investment Account
  • Trade Finance
  • Financial Information
  • Other services

* The details of all the services in Phase 2 are still being developed.

There are many benefits offered to you as a user of eBanker:

Ease of Use
The E-Banker software offers customers a user-friendly front-end for performing any banking transaction aforementioned. A comprehensive User Guide is also available for customer to download for their assistance. Thus, there is no need for much training.

Real Time Response
Transactions performed through E-Banker such as Fund Transfer will be effective on a real-time basis. Therefore, customers are able to immediately check their account balances once they have completed their transfer.

eBanker enable customers to simply perform their banking transactions from their desk. There is no need for them to go to the bank. As it is connecting through internet, user may access eBanker from anywhere and anytime.

Guaranteed Security
Access to eBanker is controlled by Login ID, Password and Corporate ID, which are authenticated by RADIUS software and Firewall System. Besides, the Authoriser is also equipped with a Smart Card as provided by Mimos Berhad, in order to authorize the transactions.

Customers may appoint as many Authorisers as they wish provided that they possess the Smart Card. Thus, the approval process will not be too rigid and limited to only one Authoriser.

eBanker's operational hours are from 7 am to 11 pm daily.

For viewing, you are invited to access the website at the following address:

PC Basic Requirement 
1) Internet Explorer (IE) version 6.0.2800
2) Acrobat Reader 5.5 & Above
3) Screen Resolution : 1074 x 768
*Please disable the pop-up blocker.


If you need further information on eBanker services, please contact our officers at any of the following numbers:

Tel: 03-2615 1515 – ext 1688 / 1661 / 1659 / 1633 /
Fax: 03-2615 1564  
Email: ebanker@bankislam.com.my

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