Risk Profiling Questionnaire
Dear valued customer,
Determining your risk profile is important because Bank Islam wants to be able to determine the most suitable investment plan to fulfill your financial needs. The following questionnaire has been designed to identify your risk profile i.e. your tolerance to risk. You are encouraged to discuss with your consultant when assesing your risk profile.
1) Your Age:

2) Your past investment experiences:

3) What percentage of your income is available for investment now?

4) What portion of your overall investment is invested in stocks or equity funds?

5) Which of the following securities best suit your needs?

6) Your future potential income:

7) Which one of the followings statements best describes your feelings and attitudes?

      of 20% in a year
8) After allocating your financial assets, what will you do after substantial initial gain / loss?

9) For how many months can you maintain your lifestyle without any income?

10) How much time do you have to attain your financial goal?

11) Given the distribution of yearly return of 5 different investments, which one matches your risk tolerance level?

This questionnaire is provided by the Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB). BIMB is an appointed Institutional Unit Trust Advisor for BIMB Investment Management Berhad (BIMB Invest). The results of this questionnaire are derived from information that you have provided to the Bank, and only serve as a reference for your consideration when making your own investment decisions. This questionnaire and the results are not an offer to sell or a solicitation for an offer to buy any unit trust products and services and they should not be considered as investment advice. BIMB accept no responsibility or liability as to the accuracy or completeness of the information given. Personal information collected in this questionnaire will be kept confidential by BIMB. The information may be used by BIMB or BIMB Invest entity under a duty of confidentiality to BIMB, for designing and/or marketing of unit trust products and services.
Investments involve risks. Investors are advised to read and understand the content of the relevant prospectus before investing and consider the fees and charges involved. Past performance is not indicative of its future performance and prices can go down as well as up. Units will only be issued on receipt of an application from referred to in an accompanied by the Prospectus, which is obtainable at all Bank Islam Branches. The fund may not be suitable for all and if in doubt, investor should seek independent advice
The accuracy of this calculator and its appropriateness in usage on any given situation is not guaranteed and cannot be used for any legal matters.